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What we are about...

As trained scientists we devote our research to simple ways of returning missing foundational and keystone organisms: finding their limitations, adding layers of productivity, solving the soil problems which growers encounter, and practice low-risk holistic management strategies.

Foundational Regenerative Agriculture and Sustainable Soils

  •  Precision assessment of all soil organism groups, using advanced direct microscope methods, to regenerate natural beneficial microbial interactions for desired crops.

  • The Soil Food Web approach to repairing soil - from finding specialized species of bacteria or fungi to getting the whole food web building lively soil. All types of soils and ecosystems apply.

Get the biology in the soil to serve your growing or farming needs
and help you save your energy!

(See the Products page - which includes beneficial nematodes, fungi and other suggested products for soil conditioning and accelerating plant growth...)

Mycoremediation - Repairing Earth with Plant Beneficial Fungi
Work with our team of professional mycologists to start a plan to repair damaged soils!

  • Science experiments designed to prolong the Mycoremediation process in the soil to get superior results with difficult, recalcitrant toxicity

  • Get fungal dominant compost to detoxify soils

  • Use select strains to target soil contaminants, both biological and chemical - having the potential to degrade Glyphosate, phenols and whole classes of other toxic compounds...

  • Fungi open up pore spaces and flocculate clays for optimal water and air infiltration, ultimately reducing plant stressing toxic compounds produced by anaerobic microbes and root feeding nematodes

  • Mushroom mycelium facilitates uptake of phosphorus, water and transportation of micronutrients to plant roots. Provided a complete soil food web, plants will get more foods.

  • Fungi present will transform nitrates (NO3-) into ammonium (NH4+) by lowering soil pH and will discourage nitrate loving weed germination. (What is acidic soil? Normally fungal soil!)

  • Fungi are efficient at sequestering carbon from air.

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Soil needs...
Feeds beneficial microbiology and
prevents anaerobic microbes from making toxic compounds
Feeds life
Organic Matter
Feeds microbiology
Soil Life
Feeds plants



Soil Life Services Microscope Lab


Offering Laboratory and Field Solutions

  • Grow sustainable soil food webs with native biology

  • Develop research on sustaining foundational and keystone species which have an impact

  • Enable the system management to flow like permaculture (permanent-agriculture)

  • To transform depleted soils - Low till or No till

  • Assist in planning soils for USDA Organic Farming

  • Maintain and restore sustainable water quality

  • Detoxify growing systems

  • Enable growers to feed plants without fertilizers or toxic chemicals to meet their needs

  • Enable plants to grow deep as possible- able to find water and nutrition

  • Convert conventional farms by practical means to organic farming

  • Farm stewardship and simplified ecology

  • Own a new farm? Soil Life Services laboratory will help you find the well-suited plants to grow in the soil you have now.

  • On site microscope assessments available

  • Produce healthier neighborhoods and increase beneficial soil life in the area for growers

Regenerating soil with biology is a little bit like filling all the roles in a workplace and making sure everything operates exceptionally well. The best results for natural growing happens when the complete food web is there!
Dirt is missing many basic soil life functions and that is why plants grow little in it.