Alive and Active Beneficial Nematodes - Bacterial Feeders or Fungal Feeders Mix

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Our nematodes are not stored for months and months on sticky screens but are kept fresh, alive and active as possible.

(Upon request for larger orders we will make a video showing these are authentic alive and active nematodes just for the customer!) We do not use put to sleep methods on our microbe inoculates (No Potassium sorbate or preservatives).

Beneficial nematodes help protect plant root systems and can remove invasive insect larval pests. This set of beneficial nematodes includes fungal feeding or bacterial feeding nematodes always and possibly contain predatory nematodes to help complete a full soil food web for long term sustainability. We aim at getting as many beneficial nematode varieties as possible to enable them to adapt to the food resources available in your soil meant for supporting plant nutrient cycling. All the dynamics of feeding an organically grown system need all members of the soil food web active which are often lost to tillage. (If you require fungal feeders, please make a request to see if they are currently available)


Beneficial soil nematodes will help make soil structure. For long-term establishment nematodes require foods from the soil and aerobic structure. Keep soil consistently moist for at least two weeks to keep nematode alive and actively multiplying. Fungal feeding nematodes need fungi and moisture for at least a month.  

Beneficial nematodes will not thrive in compacted or heavily contaminated soil - work must be done. If soils are contaminated, add humus to tie up the chemicals and a fungal inculcate to remove or hold the toxic compounds. 

In order to remove compaction, please consider adding a quality compost to till in or fungal inoculate adding organic matter to provide the soil biology food. For more information please contact us to develop a soil building plan. 

The beneficial nematodes are from a thoroughly heated, randomly cultured context, and are not isolated specifically for biocontrol. Containers may have some of those species which are capable of soft bodied insect control, among other soil functions (we cannot guarantee all these specific species are inside but we have tested some may be present). Some bacterial feeding nematodes will live in soft bodied insect hosts and will kill these insects within 48 hours if abundant enough in soil. About 20 nematodes can kill a grub. These nematodes do not harm other beneficial insects. Nematodes will easily multiply 50x to 100x given attention to watering. Keep soil 50% moist, about 1 drop of water by squeezing the soil. Our cultures are holistic and meant for inoculating normal abundances of nematode species and richness.

Contains at least 10,000 alive and active nematodes per container. Nematodes do take rests but these are not in their dormant stages- if still it does not mean they are dead (dead nematodes are decomposing). Release 1,000 to 10,000 per acre by gentle spraying or drip system. For even coverage, sloshing the application tank may be necessary as nematodes settle to the bottom minutes (do not shake hard!). Orders of 10,000-30,000 will arrive in larger leak-proof containers.

Sprayers should have at least 1 mm droplet sizes on contact to paper so damages will not occur in full sun.

Do not apply at over 80 psi on contact to soil surfaces. 

These nematodes are best suited for survival in temperate climate and cool weather in warmer climates. 

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*For larger orders of fresh beneficial nematodes please allow 1 week ahead in scheduling -
50,000 1-3 days lead time
100,000+ 6 or more days lead time 
Prepared at the Soil Life Services Laboratory. Made in North America.