Educational Videos for Holistic Agriculture and Soil Regeneration

People with Vision!

Soil Foodweb Inc. Case Study Library and Webinars- Dr. Elaine Ingham
Soil & Diverse Cover Crops with Ray Archuleta & David Brandt (Part 1)  - Soil Health Consultants, LLC
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The Grassfed Exchange - Ray Archuletea
50 Years Ago, This Was a Wasteland... National Geographic
The Winter Harvest with Elliot Coleman - Living Web Farms

Science carries big names for simple principles like "bioremediation," "phytoremediation," "mycoremediation," but all of these concepts can be seen in a simple light, working in harmony together in the soil. Phytoremediation starts with the plants, the microbiology is natural, and its easy to return what is missing starting with a small pinch of healthy soil. 

Please enjoy watching these inspirational videos that can get anyone started with building great soils. Each instructor offers classes to expand your DIY knowledge for healthy soil regeneration!

(Each video will play in full screen- linking to youtube publications)

Many environmental study programs teach students only management and data collection, but never really explain how to live with nature. These are all essential skills but there remains massive issues to solve regarding agriculture and urban pollution. These are some of the best classrooms on how to actually conserve natural resources without the feeling of compromising the ultimate integrity which encompasses all living things on land and in water. In fact, the native environments should become more productive which neighbor productive conservation: by giving back the complete native food web, replenishing resources for life on land and in the water.

Just as restoring an old home restoring the land changes how we live. It is about quality of life and inheriting a brighter future which understands life with nature. The soil will take care of itself, generally, the homesteaders make a difference how we do so: not tilling and polluting the land so it becomes lifeless and barren.