Begin by digging into the world of soil life where plants grow!

Soil Life Discussion Topics:

  1. Plant Soil Succession

  2. Soil Formations and Surveys

  3. Initial Farm Soils Full Inspection – complete study of property and samples

  4. Assess Disturbed Soils and Soften Soil Compaction with Microbiology for Sustainable Soil

  5. Microscope Soil Biology Assays and the Benefits (Total Biomass v. Active)

  6. Soil Chemistry Tests and Soil Microbiology

  7. Recommended Plants for Current Soils or How to Improve that Soil for Specific Plants

  8. Assess Damages from Toxic Chemical Drift for Legal Claims with Assays

  9. Spreading Thin the Conventional Fertilizers To Achieve Organic Soils Only

  10. Selecting Authentic Quality Organic Products such as Composts, Humic Acid and Mycorrhizae

  11. Identify Soil Pests and Outcompete Pests with Normal Levels of Native Microbiology without Cultured Biological Controls or Toxic Sprays

  12. Identify Root Feeder Problems (Includes assaying and extracting)

  13. Reduce Weed Populations to Manageable Numbers by Soil Succession   

  14. Compost Quality Inspection and Recommendations

  15. Hot Composting Carbon to Nitrogen (C:N), Quality, and Texture in Composting Ingredients

  16. Hot Composting With Native Soils Inoculum-

      Getting Diverse Levels of Microbiology Meant For Native Ecosystems

 15. Hot Composting Procedures to Make Organic Compost

 16. Vermicomposting Cold Composting Plans

 17. How Finished Compost Piles Reflect Plant Soil Succession

 18. Sheet Composting and Other Composting NEVER EVERs

 19. Soil Fungi- White-Rot and Brown-Rot Cultures Impacts on Soils

 20. Mycoremediation Products and Recommended Inoculum for Chemical Remediation

 21. Ideal Foods for Sustaining Beneficial Fungi

 22. Microbial Inoculum Available upon Request or on Shelf: bacterial, nematodes, protozoa and beneficial fungi (no         cultured biological controls)

 23. Growing Advice, Plant Germination and Transplants

 24. Ground Cover Improvement and Recommendations – More Healthy Ground Cover = More Productivity

 25. AACT for Foliar Protection (Actively Aerated Compost Tea)

 26. Compost Extracts for Inoculating Soil and How to Extract Properly

 27. Grow a Native Culture of VAM Mycorrhizal Fungi to Increase Plant Survivability

 28. Identify VAM presence on Plant Roots (Active Colonization)

 29. Organic Farming Methods Reduce Costs of Production and Reduce Watering!

 30. Making Protozoan Infusions / Testing client’s hay making a sample protozoan infusion –

       Only learn this topic if interested in microbiology or have very healthy soils nearby

 31. Soil Biology Microscope Methods

 32. Contacts with Other Labs on Entomology

 33. Water Quality Biology Assessments, For Worst Compacted Soils and Conditions for Water (stream or water                body pollution)