"So your nematodes rocked.  I used them and they made my places sing"

— Suzanne P., Professional Gardener, NH

Adding Fungal Amendments to Worm Compost
Here a southern farmer in Georgia has had success multiplying a mix of King Stropharia, Oyster, and Trametes versicolor! 
Adding Fungal Amendments to Finished Hot Compost
The Environment Celebration Institute has been multiplying a mix of King Stropharia, Oyster, and Trametes versicolor into the compost! 
In one study, compost biomass initially was under 200 ug and increased to 500 ug after an addition of fungal spawn and fungal foods. Enough biomass for productive compost!

Multiplying Fungal Spawn

Stropharia spawn grown into a woodchip bed grew quite rapidly after feeding additional fungal foods! Increase the amount of fungi going out in wood mulch - add fungal feeding biology to aid nutrient cycling.

The clover patch used as ground cover had several bags of Trametes versicolor fungal spawn added deep into a new garden bed- the soil is growing very crisp clover in hot 80-100 degree F weather! 

Beautiful Trametes versicolor florets can be seen on the surface of the garden! Its exciting!